A short time ago, in a Mountain West state not so far away, M found out that K hadn’t seen the Star Wars prequels. So they watched them. What followed was an obsession that made even two life-long Star Wars fans feel like drug addicts. After 5 months of constant texting about every Star Wars topic imaginable, M decided it would be a good idea if they actually did something productive with their doctoral-thesis sized writings. And here it is.  

Basically, M & K would just like to thank the Force for the Star Wars. Praise the Space Conflicts.

If K was a Jedi, her lightsaber would be green. Her obsession with X-Wings is probably a little unhealthy. She loves all things Star Wars (although she has concerns about the new trilogy) and has been neglecting her other fandoms–and, you know, adulting stuff–shamelessly to focus on figuring out exactly how many tears can be shed over events in a galaxy far, far away.

M is really, really concerned about Obi-Wan Kenobi. She’ll defend George Lucas to the pain (except for Midichlorians, sorry George) and wants more than anything in the world to remember what it felt like to hear “No, I am your father” for the first time.