Meme Monday: When Your Young Padawan Makes a Good Call


This meme was my gateway drug to the Star Wars Meme universe, and I always snort-chuckle whenever I see it. Three things:

  1. A while ago I was watching AotC with my little sister and we kept laughing at how Obi-Wan always addresses Anakin with too many modifiers. “We will not exceed our mandate, my young padawan learner.” “Only in your mind, my very young apprentice.” For the next few days, every time we talked to each other my sister and I would extend this as much as possible. She asks for me to pass the salt, I respond with “Of course, my little tiny baby young child apprentice student padawan learner.” This meme bastardizes the phrase “my young padawan” in the same way.
  2. This is that perfect balance of Dad Joke and Absurd that the internet, especially Tumblr, does so well. It is… an exquisite specimen.
  3. I feel a special connection to anyone who spends their free time badly photoshopping unflattering pictures of Anakin. I think said connection is the closest I’ll ever get to the Force.


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